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Fry’s Ad Food May 11 2016 contains new prices and deals on snacks, beverage, deli products & USDA choice meat variety.

Fry's Ad Food May 11 2016


Kind of mediterranean thing, very effective in summer, for every kind of person. Even Obama I think loves to eat this salad. More extremely even Trump does eat this. Very refreshing thing known in all around the world. Watermelon mixes with feta cheese perfectly. They are created for each other. You know what, add some olives. Yeah add some of them juicy, meaty olives and get that disturbing salty taste while you are lost in the sweet sugar taste of juice of watermelon slices. It is as simple as it gets:

1. Get some watermelon and learn how to slice it perfectly first. The answer is aunt Google.
2. Feta cheese or that white cheese made of cow milk. You can probably find that kind of cheese in Turkish, Greek or Arabian markets too. Feta cheese which we are familiar is generally made with Greek tradition and it is softer than Turkish white cheese.
3. Add some fresh mint leaves.
4. And don’t forget limes ! Limes always make everything better.
5. You can also add some onion slices.

Watermelon at Fry’s Ad Food May 11 2016 is $1.97 limited to 2.

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