Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Apr 26 - May 2, 2023

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Get ready to go seafood shopping—Harris Teeter has unbeatable offerings on all the ocean's goodies! Well, look no further than Harris Teeter's Weekly Ad Sale! With plenty of deals to be had this week through April 26 to May 2nd 2023, we have everything you need for your grocery shopping needs. Whether it be T-bone steaks at $8.99/lb., or fresh fruits and vegetables at unbeatable prices - the ultimate cost saver awaits you here! Not only that but with our witty and funny service crew ready to help out if needed - a shopping experience like never before is ready for our esteemed customers! Get something funny you won't soon forget: incredible savings!

Steak, Berries, and More: Check Out Harris Teeter's Weekly Deals from April 26 to May 2, 2023

Searching for top-notch produce? Look no further! Get a taste of these juicy 18 oz Farmer's Market Blueberries for just $4.99! If you're more of a broccoli gal or guy, try our incredible Farmer's Market Broccoli Crowns for an unbeatable price of just $1.79 per lb. It's the perfect way to fruit and veg out in style this season! But that’s not all the Farmers Market has to offer – catch them before they catch the train (we mean a bus) and stock up on all your shopping goodies like carrots or radishes too!

If seafood is your thing, buckle up because you will love this amazing deal! The delicious Farm Raised 16-20 ct. Peeled and Deveined White Shrimp or Wild Caught Dungeness Crab will satisfy your hunger and it's available for just $7.99 per lb! The seafood fanatics don't need to look any further, so this offer should be a no-brainer. With prices this low, seafood lovers can indulge without worry. Plus, Fishy Fridays are more exciting than ever before with these amazing deals! So save the parts of your wallet and treat yourself right with Farm Raised White Shrimp and incredible tasty Wild Caught Dungeness Crabs – you deserve it!

Here's another juicy deal from Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Apr 26 - May 2, 2023 for all bargain hunters out there: with the Buy One Get One Free special on 1 lb. pkg. Campari Tomatoes and 10 oz. pkg. NatureSweet Cherubs, you'll be able to stock up on all the tomatoes your salad or snack needs -- without breaking the bank account! Savor deliciousness without compromising on quality with these tomatoes. They strike the perfect balance between quantity and flavor. So don't wait around -- snatch up these fantastic offers now!