Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Mar 1 - 7, 2023

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Ready to score amazing deals on quality food items? Look no further than Harris Teeter's Weekly Ad Sale starting March 1, 2023! Everyone knows Harris Teeter is known for offering premium meats, fresh produce, and high-quality grocery items. So why miss out you this week's awesome savings? Let’s dive in and check out the exciting products that are of amazing value from March 1-7, 2023. Who knows what you can find--perhaps amazing freebies, perhaps a box of outrageous discount noodles. Imagine the wonder when you concoct your previous unknown recipe thanks to Harris Teeter’s amazing selection available this week only! Or maybe there will be an incredible bargain leading up to unsuspecting family gatherings. Or venture onto daring new flavor experiences--the possibilities are truly endless with Harris Teeter’s great savings this week! What unknown finds will make it into your shopping cart? Take the opportunity this week to explore all the remarkable items Harris Teeter has to offer at unbeatable prices!

Premium Meat, Fresh Produce and Great Deals in Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Mar 1 - 7, 2023

Love steak?! Then you won't want to miss Harris Teeter's T-Bone or Porterhouse cuts which are only $7.99 per lb – they'll beat any meat lover's cravings! However, if steak isn't on the menu today, don't fret – Harris Teeter also has delicious Boneless Chicken Breast that can be snagged at an unbeatable VALUE PACK price of just $1.79 per lb! Bonus points to anyone looking to save: don't forget that your VIC card will stretch that dollar even further.

Seafood lovers, your dream has finally come true! Harris Teeter is offering wild-caught white shrimp and cod fillets. That's the catch of the day that you cannot miss out on. Seafood pasta? Yes, please! Go for Wild Caught White Shrimp to have an amazing surf and turf experience, or count on Wild Caught Cod Fillets to add flavor to your Fisherman’s Pie…the possibilities are endless with these delicious options. Too good to be true? Don't worry as it's available at an unbelievable price – just $8.99 per pound! That’s more motivation than what we could fish for ;). Stop waiting, because those tempting sea treats won't stay late in the store. Stock up now before they're all gone!

Harris Teeter's Weekly Ad Sale from March 1-7, 2023 is packed with amazing deals on premium meat, fresh produce, and quality grocery items. Don't forget to use your VIC card to save even more!