Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Mar 8 - 14, 2023

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Welcome to another edition of the Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale! Harris Teeter is famous for having good stuff at a price that won't drain your wallet, and the sale this week seems like it's gonna be just as awesome as people say it is! Whether you're looking for a bundle of fresh produce or premium cuts of meat, everything’s on offer in this tasty advertisement. Dive with me into this week's spreads and get ready to save some serious amount of dollars with Harris Teeter!

Meat, Seafood, and Produce Deals: Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Mar 8 - 14, 2023

Harris Teeter presents their irresistibly delicious and hearty “Boneless NY Strip Steak VALUE PACK” at the unbeatable price of $8.99 per lb – enough said! Calling all grilling and searing enthusiasts… rejoice! Great high-quality beef for an even greater deal not to be missed. Still, checkin’ out the prices? Savory on the menu but strapped in cash? Consider going for Harris Teeter’s ‘80% Lean Ground Chuck VALUE PACK’: a wallet-friendly $3.49 per lb, without compromising on its equally juicy bite. It is perfectly balanced between budget and taste buds – this ground beef is made for creating everything from a classic burger to scrunchtastic meatloaf or that Italian feel in spaghetti sauce.

Ready to hit the seaquest of seafood? Well, let me tell you Harris Teeter will be ready with your safety floaties! They've got Coho Salmon Fillets and 21-30ct Farm Raised EZ Peel White Shrimp all right here for JUST $6.99 per lb. Can I get two plates please?! Ah yes, there's nothing better than a perfect pairing and staying within the theme... Harris Teeter has got that covered too! Their Bag of two Farmers Market Avocados is BOGO free this week (let 'em know who's bossing one avocado at a time….hahah). Oh, almost forgot the other pair! Nature sweet cherubs get an encore 10oz package that also honors a buy one get one free deal. Yup, it's looking like dinner just settled in itself!

It's time to hit up your nearby Harris Teeter and grab all the usual grub. Harris Teeter is dishing out some killer bargains that will make restocking a breeze! You can get some seriously tasty meats, super fresh farm goodies, and shelf-stable staples that will keep for ages, all at a steal of a deal. Whether you're whipping up dinner for yourself or the big cheese of a long-lasting shindig, Harris Teeter has got you covered.