Harris Teeter Weekly Ad May 10 - 16, 2023

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Harris Teeter's weekly ad from May 10 to 16, 2023 highlights a variety of enticing deals to spice up your meals and save you money. The ad promotes popular BOGO free deals on over 500 items as well as 4x fuel points on Fridays. Meat lovers can enjoy savings on steak and ground beef while fruit fans can stock up on fresh blueberries and pineapples at a discount. From hosting a laid-back backyard barbecue, to crafting a memorable family dinner, Harris Teeter's weekly specials cover it all. Explore exceptional discounts on must-have pantry staples, as well as those indulgent treats we all covet!

Shopping at Harris Teeter for a steak dinner has never been easier! This week, the spotlight is on T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks, both priced at $9 per lb. Although the cut of meat for these two types of steak originate from the same spot (the rear end of the short loin), they differ in preparetion and appearance.

T-Bones have a dividing line between the strip portion and the tenderloin, with 0.5 to 1.24 inches allowed for satisfactory quality. Meanwhile, Porterhouse cuts also have this separating line; however, they are even larger cuts with a minimum allowance of 1.25 inches of tenderloin availableā€”a high value choice sure to satisfy families (or those with high appetites)!