Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Jan 11 - 17, 2023

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We all know that grocery shopping can be a hassle. You have to deal with crowds, long lines and aisles full of highly processed, unhealthy foods. But Harris Teeter has made it their mission to help you avoid all that by delivering the best quality groceries straight to your doorstep.

With the help of this weekly ad from Harris Teeter, you will be able to find all the best deals on your favorite products and save money!

Harris Teeter is the perfect place to get all of your grocery shopping done in one trip. They have a wide selection of frozen foods, deli items, canned goods, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Their meat department is also worth checking out if you're looking for something special to cook up for dinner tonight. The frozen section offers reduced prices on meat and seafood entrees. If you're looking for organic or natural products, Harris Teeter has a great selection of those as well!

Harris Teeter also has a great selection of dairy products and eggs that are guaranteed fresh every day—they'll even let you know which ones will be expiring soon so that you can use them up before they go bad!

Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Featured Items of the Week Jan 11 - 17, 2023

Check out Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Sale Jan 11 - 17, 2023 for this week's special prices. If you love Harris Teeter, you won't want to miss it.

Farmers Market Blueberries 18 OZ. PKG. - $4.99

Blueberries are a delicious, healthy fruit that you can enjoy in many different ways. They're low in calories and contain fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants—all of which may help you live longer. Blueberries can be eaten fresh or frozen, but they're most commonly used as a topping on cereal and yogurt. You can also incorporate them into baked goods like muffins or breads for an added boost of flavor to your favorite recipes!

Wild Caught White Shrimp or Wild Caught Dungeness Crab Clusters - $9.99 per pound

Shrimp and crab are two great sources of protein that you can use to make a variety of dishes. These crustaceans are low in fat, making them a healthy addition to any meal plan. They're also an excellent source of vitamin B12 and zinc—both nutrients that can help boost your immune system and keep your energy levels high.

Shrimp is often used in seafood recipes like ceviche, pasta salad or even tacos (especially if they're sweet chili shrimp!). Crab meat is delicious on its own as well as mixed into salads or served atop toast points or crackers with melted butter drizzled over the top.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these great deals at Harris Teeter for the week of January 11th to 17th, 2023.