Hyvee Weekly Ad Aug 12 - 18, 2020

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Exclusive deals, hot deals, and the entire content of the Hy-vee weekly ad are here. You can buy some of your favorite groceries probably at a much lower cost than regular with the ad. Hy-Vee Ad Aug 12 - 18 offers some new prices for columbine red seedless grapes, honey wheat bread, Frito-Lay Cheetos or can dip, skippy peanut butter, and more products that can be seen the first page of it. Also, shop BOGO free deals this week. They have a low-price lockdown sale, too. All prices go down and never change unless they are lowered. Hyvee Ad also sells some vitamins at lower costs. The content of this ad covers a lot more.

Check out some of the cover-page deals and BOGO free items:

BOGO Free deals:

Low Price Lockdown Deals

These are some low and locked prices. They are all constant values unless Hyvee Weekly Ad or the online website of the store decides to lower them. One of them is Frito-Lay multipack snacks that will cost only $9.98. Price decline has also been stated.