King Soopers Ad Thanksgiving Nov 18 - 26, 2020

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We have the latest flyers from King Soopers, making sure you get the best prices and deals on your shop. View the latest deals with the King Soopers Circular valid Nov 18 - 26, 2020! Scroll through the latest King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview. Weekly specials will help you and your family save more! King Soopers Weekly Ad contains holiday savings, Thanksgiving deals, mix and match sales, and BOGO free deals. Get ready! 9 Days of Savings sale starts tomorrow with great deals to make your Thanksgiving feast with family and friends even more enjoyable!

From locally-sourced beef to ham, bacon, chicken and turkey, King Soopers has all of the meats you'll need for your meal plan. Several dinner options are available and include turkey (regular, smoked and boneless), ham and prime rib. Head to King Soopers and grab a great price on your holiday turkeys. You can grab a frozen, USDA Grade A Kroger Turkey for just 57ยข per pound when you spend $25 or more. If you're a seafood lover, then buy a tasty already-cooked shrimp for just $6.97 and add some crustaceans to your rotation. You can use it in a number of dishes, including pasta and salads. Cook's Butt Portion Ham is a great value for authentic, great-tasting bone-in ham flavor. It will cost only $0.97.

King Soopers Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Savings

The retailer offers November savings to be thankful for. You can create a grocery list of products in the handbill to get everything you need for your holiday dinner plan.