Kroger Ad Buy 3 Save $3 Oct 26 – Nov 1 2016

Beautiful products from buy 3 save $3 range like Dasani water have been featured by the Kroger ad this week. Kroger Ad Buy 3 Save $3 Oct 26 - Nov 1 2016Previously similar deals were available in the old weekly ads. Organize your shopping list with the aid of this ad. Just visit pg 2-3 to discover new Kroger Ad Buy 3 Save 3 Oct 26 2016. Although iced tea seem to be a summer drink but it could perfeclty fit your taste in winter as well. Try not to excessively add ice since it could be really cold without you noticing it. Well if you are in lack of some Kroger Ad offers Gold Peak tea or simply Lemonade, Gold Peak Tea are available on pg 2-3.

Dasani Water 24 pk $3.99
Gold Peak Tea 6pk – 16.9 fl oz $3.99
Gold Peak Tea or Simply Lemonade 89 fl oz $2.99
Vitaminwater or Smartwater $3.99

Powerade or Powerade Zero 8 pk $2.99
Coca-Cola 20 pk $4.99
Coca-Cola 6 pk 16.9 fl oz. $1.99

Kroger Offers more than this in the ad. You should not miss any of them. Seasonal Low prices of Kroger have been contained by this ad and you can see them on pg 8. If you are into it check out those on pg 8.

Starbucks Frappuccino 4 pk
Seattle’s best coffee 12 oz.
Coffee-mate powdered coffee creamer 35.3 oz
Kroger Coffee 24 oz. Are priced $4.99 ea.

Moreover you can reach products like Pepperidge Farm stuffing, Kroger broth, Ocean Spray crasins, Kroger fried onions, Green giant steamers on the same page.

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