Kroger Ad Fresh Catfish and Organic Food

Kroger Ad Fresh Catfish and Organic FoodKroger Ad fresh catfish is one of the seafood products that you can see on the last page. Fresh Catfish is a really good material to make a lot of different recipes. Blackened catfish, Cajun catfish supreme, Sothern Fried Catfish, Oven-Fried, catfish nuggets are just few examples of what you can do with this food. One of the simplest ones is Pan-fried catfish fillets. You can do that with rolling catfish on cayenne pepper, paprika, onion powder and mixing it well. With milk dipping, you can cook your catfish on a pan. 5 min for each side. This is not a complete recipe but I am sure you can find a lot of its derivatives on the internet. It’s possible to buy it for only $4.99/lb at Kroger.

Organic food products are also a part of the fresh range of Kroger Weekly Ad. Find these products in the last page: