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Kroger Ad Halloween Products Oct 27

Don't miss out Kroger Ad Halloween Products Oct 27 until tomorrow. Kroger Ad Halloween Products Oct 27Today you can shop these products with simplicity provided by retailer either on the online shop or in-store. This covers packaged food and meals like pizza slices, candies and snacks with top brands and Halloween costumes. Check out some products :

Costumes are the essentials of Halloween with the masks. Today you may purchase a new costume for 40% reduced price. Pumpkin carving kit is another product that has been reduced by 40%. On the ad you cannot see all products of Kroger Halloween range. Please visit official page of the retailer to get more detailed information. See 10 for $10 sale products:

Household items like chemical cleaners, daily personal care products like Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste, Buy 3 save $3 sale are available on pg 6.

  • Palmolive Dish detergent $2.49
  • Fabuloso Cleaner $1.99
  • Softsoap body wash $2.49
  • Irish soap body wash $2.49
  • Colgate total advance toothpaste $1.99
    And more Colgate products are featured on the same page. This section allows you to reach an ultimate range of products. Full content of the weekly ad of the Kroger can be seen.
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