Kroger Ad Italian Food Sep 21 – 27 2016

Kroger Ad has meditterenean taste for you. Taste of Italy has been brought by the Kroger weekly ad which was published on Wed.Kroger Ad Italian Food Sep 21 - 27 2016 Buy 1 get 1 free deals are valid now. At the moment you can shop for Italian food at Kroger stores. Kroger Ad Italian Food Sep 21 – 27 sale can be summarized by the products on pg 7. This cuisine always made itself spoken all over the world. Lowered prices of Kroger opens another way to save more on quality food. Check out the list for Italian Food:

Red Potatoes $0.99 lb.
Mini Peeled Carrots $1.29 16 oz.

BOGO deals of Italian Cuisine for the products to be ingredients of your lovely dinner meals:

Mila Mascarpone $2.49 – Get 1 Fomo Bonomi Ladyfingers free
Madama Oliva Olives $3.49 – Get 1 Free Groksi cheese bites
Tanara 20 Month prosciutto 3 oz. – Get 1 free Penealba breadstick
Veroni Grab & Go Sliced Meat $4.99 – Get 1 free Pan Ducale crostini crackers
Orli D’Italia pasta sauce $3.99 – Get 1 free Di Martino pasta

Of course it’s impossible to dismiss sauces and special cheese ideas for your Italian meals. They are almost considered as the essentials of a good mediterrenean meal. Find eggplant, olive oil etc. deals on pg 7.

Eggplant $0.99 lb.
Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil $9.99
Taste of Italy kitchen coordinates $2.99
Cento San Marzano tomatoes 2/$5
Parmigiano Reggiano 14 month cheese 10.7 oz. $5.99
Fresh Baked quadrotta olive bread $3.49

Appatizers and desserts are not being missed within this list. Consider adding more taste for your table !

HemisFares Gelato $2.99 16 fl oz.
Tiramisu cake $7.99
San Pellegrino Sparkling water 1L 10/$10
Attibassi Espresso coffee $4.99