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Kroger Ad May 4 2016 | Savings and Product Range

Kroger Ad May 4 2016 features all the new low prices for 8 pages full of weekly shopping items. This week extra outdoor living items can also be purchased for reduced prices.

Kroger Ad May 4 2016 Savings and Product Range

Kroger has offers from every aisle in the ad today. Snacks, candies, favorite beverage, outdoor living are just few examples. Get beef ribeye steak for only $4.99 lb ! Red cherries is priced at $2.99. Tomatoes, and more products are also on sale.

BIG SAVINGS at Kroger featuring potato chips of Lay's, community coffee, lean cuisine entree, Keebler cookies, Blue Bell ice cream, M&M's candy on cover page. This week at Kroger outdoor living sale, Mother's Day gifts and party food for graduation including greeting cards could be found.

MOTHER'S DAY gifts are your solution for gifting in May 8 ! Expression cards like Hallmark and gift cards will be fun in Mother's Day. Check out more Mother's Day gifts.

FRESH deals and delicious Cinco De Mayo food are available on pg 3. Natural foods, fresh fruits, deli&bakery products and whole pineapple priced at $5/2 are all on these pages. Organic food could be your help in staying healthy. Organic food not to be underestimated has a serious role in daily life. They are produced with super conditions being aware of all unhealthy material and chemicals in particular. NATURAL snacks like Kind bar, organic fruit, organic broth and organic tea are additional to these.

MEAT SALE has chicken thigh fajitas, chicken breasts, lunch meat, breakfast sausage, beef franks ans more similar is featured on pg 4. MORE SNACKS and Buy 4 save $4 deals are browsable on pg 5. Cheese, household, pantry with buy 4 save $4 mix match sale are also contained in the Kroger Ad.

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