Kroger Ad Mix and Match Aug 23 – 29 2017

Kroger Ad Mix and Match Aug 23 - 29 2017Shop for what you need with lowering the costs with the help of mix and match sale. This sale will help you find really good costs of popular products like Starbucks or Maxwell coffee. You will be able to reduce each product by $1. Coke, Pepsi or 7UP class soda packs are also good deals with this one. Shop for household items for cheaper prices. Lifehouse dressing, Ken’s salad dressing are only $2.99 and $1.99 respectively. “Oscar Mayer hot dogs” is a great example deal from this mix and match range. They will be only $.99! Also, see Calbee snapea crisps that will be only $.99 after $1 discount. Remember that Kroger’s franchise markets will also offer the same deal with slightly different choices of products.

There are breakfast foods like Kashi breakfast bars, peanut butter, packaged meat and more are featured. Get more products on pg 6. Packaged potatoes, Dr Pepper soda packs, Halo top ice cream, and some household products are featured. Swiffer 2X refills, Gladware disposable food storage containers are on sale. Each product will be $1 less when you buy 5 participating items.

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