Thanksgiving Food | Early Black Friday Kroger Ad Nov 16 – 24 2016

Thanksgiving Food and Early Black friday Kroger Ad Nov 16 – 24 deals can be found on pg 4-6. Early Black Friday Kroger Ad Nov 16 - 24 2016Early Black Friday deals star shower magic motion, chefman griddle, slow cooker, storage sets and more products related to cooking are all Black Friday deals of Kroger. Great sales of various snacks of your favourite brands can be useful to save on food for party. Moreover visit pg 5 to discover dairy products for your brunch taste.

Keurig Brewer K200 $89.99
Chefman Griddle $9.99
Crock-pot slow cooker $17.99
Mirro Get-A-Grip cookware set $19.99
Star Shower Magic motion $39.99
Sharper Image bluetooth motion lamp speaker $19.99

These are early Black Friday deals. You got 4 days to list these before Nov 24. You can get away from expensive prices before holiday only with these Black Friday Ads. The best food for Thanksgiving has been advertised on pg 6 of this ad. Heavily meat products are on sale. Turkey breast, seafood, sides and fresh produce are all in.

Shady Brook Farms turkey breasts $1.99 lb.
Ribeye steak or standing rib roast $8.99 lb.
Tyson cornish hens 48 oz. $6.99
Kroger Ground or sirloin $4.99

Prices of turkeys on pg 6 of Kroger ad,

Butterball turkey 12-24 lb. $1.29 lb.
Butterball turkey $1.69 lb.
Lamb leg shank $5.99 lb.

Liveliness of the organic food appearing whet my appetize. You should catch these prices ! For Christmas decoration and accessories you can take a look at the end of this ad.

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