Kroger Back to School Sale Goes On – Aug 14 – 20, 2019

Kroger Back to School Sale Goes On Aug 14 20 2019Buy your essential needs of daily life at school from Kroger stores because they really have lower prices this week. The deals are effective on Aug 14 – 20. On the final page of this Kroger Ad, you should be able to find Crayola products, Five Star Notebook, and more items. The most interesting part of this sale is about Crayons. I love how they are made. As the official page of Crayons suggest they are made of paraffin wax and color pigments. Crayola says the number of Crayons manufactured in a year is about 3 billion. Watch this video to learn how Crayons are made. Kroger Weekly Ad Aug 14 – 20 sells different Crayola products including markers. Using markers can be really important but it can also be useless if you overdo it. Use them to highlight your own notes. I used to use them even on textbooks. This page of Kroger Ad has also candies and chocolate bars. Snickers or Reese’s candy bars will cost 10/$10.

Buy these products of Kroger back to school sale:

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