Kroger Snack Sale Apr 8 – 14, 2020

Kroger Snack Sale Apr 8 - 14, 2020Enjoy your home and comfort with a little snacks and buy your favorites at Kroger to pay much lower than regular prices. New Kroger Weekly Ad is promoting the deals on classic delicious foods like Campbell’s soup, crackers, Magnum ice cream, Angel food cake, and more. Go to the pg 3 for breakfast food like Kellogg’s cereal and BBQ products for your backyard grilling. Cook your own meat like a pro. Char-Griller deluxe charcoal grill seems to be enough for a family. You may make easy burgers grilling both the ground beef and the buns. Easter Sunday can be fun with enough amount of enjoyable food like Johnsonville Fresh grilling dinner sausage. The items of Kroger snack sale Apr of the weekly ad are perfect to celebrate something.

Refresh yourself in the Spring with the best beverage. Some lager and ale are in the fridges of Kroger. Bud, Miller, Coors, or Yuengling will cost $18.99 for 12 fl oz. cans. Visit pg 4 for tasty drinks and popular brands. You can find whole turkey, seafood, spiral-sliced ham, and more products on Kroger Snack Sale Apr 8 – 14 for Easter. All Easter candies will cost 25% off starting tomorrow. You can buy Easter plush toys, filler eggs, grass, dye kits, and baskets 50% off

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