Kroger Weekly Ad Sale May 13 – 19, 2020

Kroger Weekly Ad Sale May 13 - 19, 2020Save on fresh fruits and meat on Kroger Ad. New prices of strawberries, avocados, extra-large shrimp, and turkey breasts are going to be what you can find on the first page of the Kroger weekly ad today. They have quite a few deals on supermarket food products and drinks. Fresh Foods market savory roasted chicken will cost only 2/$10 this week. A new BOGO free deal also appears on the cover page. Rockstar Energy drink or more products which you may see there will be BOGO free. Shop Colgate Toothpaste 10/$10 this week. Kroger Weekly Ad Sale May 13 – 19 is a good source to find fresh fruits, too. Berries are a popular kind of fruit in their greengrocery section. Pint blueberries will cost 2/$5 only.

Grill some fish this week. The sun is up in most places in America. When you have free time, gather your gear, and prepare your grill to cook some Fresh Tilapia Fillets. Most seafood meat types don’t require as much heat as red meat does. Salmon is a nice fish to use your fry pan because it can take a long exposure to heat. Fat distribution of salmon makes it suitable for heating at lower temperatures so the inside of your fish can get cooked. Still, I recommend you to buy fresh salmon from a place that sells it. Kroger is one of them and Kroger Ad is where you can see the price of Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets. Here is a recipe to cook some fresh salmon fillet on your fry pan:

  • Heat the pan first
  • Season your salmon with salt and pepper
  • When your pan is heated, pour some olive oil
  • Don’t let it smoke but make sure it’s enough to make sizzle noise
  • Cook the skin side first for about 4-5 min.
  • Then flip, cook 1-2 min, and then lower the temperature to cook for an additional 6-7 min.
  • Add some butter and garlic.
  • The proportions should depend on your taste.
  • When you feel like the fish is ready, squeeze some lemon and it’s ready to eat

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