Kroger Thanksgiving Food and Christmas Deals

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Kroger selected and presented the best food they got for you to generate a new catalog of supermarket products for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Most popular food products like 7up beverages, cheese varieties, fresh fruit and fresh grocery products are generally products we mean to talk about.

But surely there is an important fact for last each year.

And that is turkey offers featured by every supermarket ads you can find all arount the internet.

This year Kroger Honeysuckle turkey is only $0.79 per lb. and Shady brook farms turkey is another deal of $1.39 lb.


With card you can purchase:

  • Eye of round, $3.99 lb.
  • California clementines, $3.99

And meet fresh food products that you may find on pg; 2.

Apple, Brussels sprout, potatoes, pomegranates, and more fresh offers are featured with new price range.


For Thanksgiving may be your main need is abou this department.

Kroger offers steak, beef varieties, turkey breast, deli dinner products.

And also you can find breakfast offers by the same weekly ads.

  • Fresh baked butter croissants, $2.99
  • Prector silex griddle, $19.88
  • Wholesome home bone-in turkey breast, $8.99
  • New York Strip steak, $6.99 lb.


These savings will help you a lot to keep your budget tight.

Regular weekly food shopping products can be found on pg; 6 and there are plenty of products there.

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