Kroger Weekly Ad 6/24/2015 (Page 2)

Kroger weekly ad 6 24 2015 has great offers for you and your family.

There are some discounts that shall make you fall in love with the store.

It says: “fresh and delicious and so the dinner is going to be great”!! Buy the exotic center cut pork chops and the chicken breasts with the chicken drumstick and the salmon fillets at great prices and cheap rates to fill the main course. Fend yourself with the apples,
Walnuts, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers at the dessert with the yogurt and drinks afterwards.

The kroger weekly ad 6 24 2015 is giving the flat 10% discount to many items. The others are priced at cheaper rates than other stores.

Valid Jun 24 - Jun 30 2015

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