Meijer Ad Apr 10 2016

Meijer Ad Apr 10 2016 features 10 for $10 deal for $1 priced products covering dressing croutons, bell peppers, Michelina’s entrees, 7-up products or coke, sprite. Check out cover page of this ad for meat and cheese, bath paper towels, and cereals.

Meijer Ad Apr 10 2016

With 10 for $10 mix-match sale you can save more on pg 2. Favorite products of Meijer Weekly ad were featured in pg 2. this page contains pizza, sausage, lunchmeat, pie, dessert shells, dipping cup, sunny D juice, oats yogurt, frozen juice, chicken breasts and more products.

MIX-MATCH 10 for $10 sale will get you 11th for free. And each product is only $1 ! From pg 3-4 you can go with this deal to save on regular weekly shopping. Mostly snacks, conserved food, sauces, packaged food and some beverage products were included in this sale.

FRESH GROCERY selection of Meijer with blackberries and russet potatoes on pg 5 is another great sale. mix-match sale on pg 5 is again boosting the sales. MEAT sale consisting of packaged products and fresh cut variety adds color to this ad. Chicken breast, roast and packaged chicken were also featured.

SEAFOOD and deli meat products like sausage links, patties, snow crab, salmon fillets have been reduced. BAKERY products are featured on pg 8. Find and save on frozen food and coffee, juice variety that are available on pg 10. 5 for $10 Marie Callender’s dinners is a good deal on pg 10.

Party with friends with only the best chips and snacks ! Crackers, sauces, oreo cookies, ritz, cheez it all on sale ! BEAUTY products and skin care creams for anti aging, moisturizing and some makeup products are available on pg 12. Discounts by Meijer beauty range:

And more products on sale will be yours at Meijer.

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