Meijer Weekly Ad Oct 18 - 24, 2020

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The latest Meijer ad has been published today. Fresh fruits and meat products are the first things appearing on the cover page. There are also buy 5 save 5 sale with the participating products on the first page. Many of them are regular grocery products. Buy Chi-Chi's salsa 24 oz. or Fiest style salsa for only $2.49 when you buy 5 participating items. More products of the mix & match sale are viewable on pg 2. Meijer weekly ad Oct 18 - 24 offers a satisfying width of fresh foods on sale. Some of the salads are BOGO deals. Buy Apple Cider for only $3.99. Fresh fruit sale is in the spotlight with the new season's apple variety including Opal Apples which are yellow.

Buy 5 Save $5 mix & match sale:

Meijer Weekly Ad Oct 18 - 24, 2020

An extensive product list of mix & match sale is also viewable on pg 4. The same part also shows grocery products. Pompeian olive oil is BOGO free deal this week. Meijer Ad supermarket brand products can also be an interesting deal. Cottage cheese, peanut butter, frozen pizza, pretzels, and more products are included items.