Menards Ad Halloween Sep 6 - 12, 2020

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Change your home for Halloween as we enter the Fall. A cooler season and it's probably the coolest one for most people. Halloween, Black Friday, Labor Day, and more special days are in the Fall. Most stores announce great deals for September and October. Menards Weekly Ad is one of the top deals right now. You can browse Halloween decoration products. Even some essentials like hand sanitizers and disinfectants are available on the first page of the Menards Ad. You can buy Gel Hand Sanitizer for only $.99. Make a shopping list for your home. Mosquito repellent band, poly leaf rake, fiberglass insulation, 8-piece drill bit set, and more items are available on this part of the ad.

Menards Ad Halloween Sep 6 - 12, 2020

Menards Halloween Decor

Menards offers the top deals of the Halloween decor. Skeleton, spooky decoration, skeleton dog, backyard decoration items, Halloween fun house, skull tumbler, and more products are in the range of Menards Weekly Ad. Buy an illuminated reaper for only $15.99 and get a $1.98 mail-in rebate. It's a 67" decor that can be good for a big house.

Menards Fall Colors

If you want to paint your home for the new season, the colors of the Fall are on sale at Menards stores. Mostly leaf colors like brown and reddish paints. Again, 11% off discount is available for these products, too.

And bathroom products:

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