Menards Ad Oct 18 - 24, 2020

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Deals on construction products like concrete mix are available on the first page. The ad also covers some paint products, and even hand sanitizer is on sale. Buy some professional tools and products to use in your home improvement projects. If you are a professional, the pro power tools might also be an interesting part of the new Menards Ad. Li-battery rechargeable power tools that are both handy and durable for years. All of them are 11% off. 220-piece mechanic's toolset is only $149.98. Save $18.54 on this product. Wrench, pliers, hammer drill, and more are also on this page. Menards Ad has an interesting page where you can find fireplaces. Most of them are electric fireplace stoves. Dimplex 72" wall mount or built-in electric fireplace is one of them.

Power tools from Menards Ad Oct 18 - 24:

These prices are valid after the mail-in rebate.

Menards Ad Oct 18 - 24, 2020

Menards Fireplace Sale Oct 18 - 24

I think if there is one thing that can make a room really cosy in a winter's day, that must be the fireplaces. Black Aviston, Black Harrison, Middleton, and more types of electric fireplaces are on sale this week.

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