Price Chopper Weekly Ad Jan 8 - 14, 2023

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The Price Chopper Weekly Ad is a great way to find the best deals on your grocery list. The circular features a wide variety of departments, including produce, deli, bakery, dairy & eggs, meat & seafood, grocery aisles, pantry, frozen, personal care and meal solutions.

The produce department has an excellent selection of organic items at low prices. You can also find organic fruits and vegetables for sale by the piece.

The deli department has delicious sandwiches and salads available for purchase. The bakery offers pastries and desserts made fresh daily from scratch in-store by bakers who have been with Price Chopper for years!

If you're looking for something sweet then stop by the dairy & eggs aisle for frozen yogurt treats made with real milk at just $4.69 per container! Milk drinkers will love these prices too since they're much lower than what other stores charge for milk!

Meat lovers will be pleased to know that they can get premium cuts of beef at special prices every week through this circular as well as chicken meat.

We also really like their frozen section—they have great organic options for dinner, plus snacks for when you're feeling hungry on the go. The personal care section has all of the essentials and then some—you can find anything from shampoo to toothpaste here.

We'd recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a new grocery store!

Price Chopper Weekly Ad Featured Items of the Week Jan 8 - 14, 2023

Price Chopper's weekly ad for January 8 to 14, 2023, is full of great deals on beef. We love the Price Chopper Weekly Ad! The prices are so great, and it's so convenient to have all of the store's weekly ads in one place. They have a wide selection of products at prices that are hard to beat. And their weekly ads are always up-to-date and easy to find.

The Certified Angus Beef Bottom Round Roast is a steal at just $3.99 per pound. It's tender, delicious, and perfect for roasting or grilling. The Price Chopper Weekly Ad Jan 8 - 14, 2023 has some great deals on items that are tasty, nutritious, and can be purchased at a reasonable price. For example, the Certified Angus Beef Bottom Round Roast is available for only $3.99 per pound. This is a great deal because it means you can feed your family a nutritious meal without breaking the bank. If you're looking for something to make on Sunday night, this would be perfect. And if you're feeling extra hungry, why not pair it with some mashed potatoes and gravy? Yum! We also love their other meat options, including chicken and fish, which are also on sale this week.