Publix Ad B1G1 Free Oct 26 – Nov 1 2016

Latest product range of Publix Ad B1G1 Free Oct 26 – Nov 1 2016 contains great food offers, packaged convenient food, seafood, meat meals, GreenWise organic food and many more products. Halloween candies were available in this ad.Publix Ad B1G1 Free Oct 26 - Nov 1 2016 Boneless skinless chicken breast is always a light meal. Sometimes I even prefer it for breakfast if I already had some work at the day. On this ad you can find similar food products by Publix.

Publix Boneless skinless chicken breast B1G1 Free – Save $4.69 lb.
Simply Potatoes Mashed potatoes 24 oz. – Save $3.99
Publix medium cooked shrimp B1G1 Free – Save $20.99
Fresh Express Salad Blend B1G1 Free – Save $3.99
Nature Valley granola bars B1G1 Free – Save $6.79

Tyson Chicken Nuggets B1G1 Free – Save $6.29
Tyson Any’tizers Chicken B1G1 Free – Save $8.99
State Fair Corn Dogs B1G1 Free – Save $3.49

Publix GreenWise organic food whole chicken, organic snacks, green beans are also on sale. Check out pg 6 for details. Publix Deli Tea B1G1 Free – Save $2.99. B1G1 Free Snacks are also available in the ad. Visit pg 10 of the ad to discover them.

Campbell’s Chunky soup B1G1 Free – Save $2.39
Classico Pasta sauce B1G1 Free – Save $4.99
Assorted Ken’s Steak house dressing B1G1 Free – Save $4.99
Ocean Spray Juice cocktail or drink B1G1 Free – 101.4 oz. $5.99
Assorted Kellogg’s frosted flakes cereal B1G1 Free – Save $4.79

8-Pack assorted Pepsi products B1G1 Free – Save $4.99
Planters Peanuts B1G1 Free – Save $3.99
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams B1G1 Free – Save $4.19

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