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Publix is one of the rare grocery stores defining healthy products and setting the trends for it. You’ll end up with the greatest amounts of savings. They serve in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

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Publix Weekly Ad Grocery Sale Feb 14 – 20, 2019

Shop your weekly food needs at the Publix store for the prices shown on Publix Weekly Ad Feb 14 – 20! Pie, salad kits, whole subs, turkey, chicken, the finest of the meat and more grocery items are usually featured categories of the Publix Ads. You can see some of the good ones on the first page. $709 savings are available in the new ad. Kashi cereal, Eight O’Clock coffee, Publix premium salad kit and Publix bakery small pies are 4 products of BOGO Free deals. Buy boneless NY strip steaks for only $7.99/lb. Save $4 each lb.
If you didn’t buy any gift or want to buy something now, Publix has still offered for Valentine’s Day. See the gifts including rose arrangements, holiday specialty cake, chocolates and other treats on that page. Publix has new recipes as usual. Read the new recipes of broiled salmon with asparagus and lime-butter sauce on pg 3. Check out more seafood, meat, and other delicious dinner or lunch ideas by Publix Ad on pg 4-5. Shrimp is one of the most popular products of all weeks in the weekly ads. Medium white shrimp is only $5.99 at Publix this week. You can also prefer GreenWise products which provide an alternative of healthy eating. More than that, pepper, salmon fish, NY steak, turkey breast and alternatives for dining can be easily seen on that part of the ad. Sweet and juicy fresh fruits, the best prices of fresh vegetables are both viewable on pg 6-7. You can save on deli subs, Italian salad, healthy snacks and sandwich varieties in deli section. Also, find fried chicken priced at $6.99 for 8 pieces. Publix has more Greenwise products in the deli and bakery.

Publix Weekly Ad Preview Feb 7 – 13, 2019 | Valentine’s Day

Publix prepared an elegant range of products for Valentine’s Day in this ad. Chocolate box, a fine dinner, romance and all the other related things are on sale at Publix. This special sale covers amazing products that you probably fall in love with. Greenwise products like organic bars, organic chicken fillets and more can be seen on pg 2. The recipe of savory turkey meatloaf, berry salad and oat-almond crumble are readable on pg 3. Publix also offers ingredients of these recipes at a lower price. Find dinner ideas, too. Small lobster tails, lean ground beef, salmon select cuts, aprons garlic herb chicken meal kit, premium mussels, and more will cost less this week. The deals are effective starting on February 7. You have a special range of meat, too. Check out boneless top sirloin steaks priced at $4.99 lb. Another one is Southern belle lobster mac & cheese priced at $8.99! Valentine’s Day floral bouquet is only $14.99 at Publix. This week you can buy elegant fruits like red grapes, mandarins for cheaper prices. Publix fresh produce sale is one of the most popular categories. Check out deli products like whole subs, southern cobb salad, New York style pita chips, Publix Deli imported French brie cheese on pg 8.

Deli and bakery products may serve as perfect side foods on your Valentine’s Day table:

Publix Weekly Ad Deals Jan 31 – Feb 6, 2019

Spend your time wisely with the quality food and great deals by Publix Weekly Ad. Over $860 in savings can be found in this ad. Shop publix chicken wings, planters peanuts, Publix deli buffalo style chicken breast dip, Publix coleslaw, cubanitos platter, and more products on pg 1-2. Get $10 off on Publix platters this week. To get that discount, when you buy 3 participating Pepsico products. Publix Ad is full of great deals and recipes. One of the recipes is Buffalo ring sliders on pg 3. Read the recipe and find the ingredients at fair prices of the Publix. Wholly Guacamole is a BOGO Free deal! Publix Medium shrimp platter, ground chuck, 12-pack new Belgium beer, Colossal white shrimp, and more products can be purchased on pg 4. Meat products are also a good part of the ad. Don’t miss out Steakhouse Elite ground beef burgers, Porterhouse or T-bone steaks in the meat range. Publix Weekly Ad fresh produce category is a great offer, too. Publix pineapple chunks, Del Monte Gold ripe pineapple, Navel oranges are the fresh fruits and they are all at the best prices. Visit pg 8-9 for delicious bakery and deli products. Get your munchies ready for the party and get them at Publix.

Publix Weekly Ad Deals Jan 24 – 30, 2019

Make everyone happy with a flavourful dish with Publix Weekly Ad Deals Jan 24 – 30, 2019. There are delicious dinner dishes for less. First of all, let’s talk about meat varieties. Ribeye steak, roasted chicken, boneless chuck pot roast and many more options are available. Also check out buy 1 get 1 free offers especially on coca cola beverages, family size potato chips etc.

New items on sale now at Publix. 5 cheese tortellini, green wise organic tea, bacon cheddar salmon burger are favourite offers of the category. Another great deal is buy 1 get 1 chance on wine varieties. If you like to have a glass of wine with dinner, don’t miss the low prices.

This week’s recipe is sugar and spice crusted steak and spiced baby potatoes. It’s a great dinner choice for a special day. You can pair a good wine with it and enjoy your night with your loved ones. Seafood lovers are lucky this week. XL white shrimp, fresh salmon fillets, cold smoked salmon and cooked shrimp is also on sale.

On page 5, many other meat varieties are available. You can save up to $1 on chicken and pork choices. Take a look at page 6 for fresh, ripe and beautiful fruits. In addition simply 100% orange juice selections can be found. When it comes to side dishes, boiled fresh vegetables are your best friend. Check page 7 for avocado, sweet peppers, celery options.

Bakery category is another great part of this week’s ad. Sandwiches and salads would be good for lunch time at the office. My favourite is Publix Deli oven roasted Turkey breast. Take a look at page 9 to get the best rolls, cakes and breads.

BOGO Deals

Page 10, 11 and 12 are all about BOGO deals. Look and choose the options to stock up. You can find too many dishes from all categories. There is of course good prices on household items and health and beauty products. Enjoy high quality lotions, protein shakes and more. Publix cares about your bathroom needs indeed. Fill your daily needs with special prices and also don’t forget to get food for your furry friends.

On page 15 baby products like formula and diapers are available. This way you won’t have to shop from different shops and buy all your weekly needs for yourself, for your pet and for your baby. Finally, plan your shopping list and ease your shopping experience with Publix ad every week.

Here are this week’s best offers for you:

Publix Weekly Ad Deals Jan 17 – 23 2019

Publix offers are suitable for the ones who like high quality groceries and fresh produced meat. You can always prepare delicious and extra ordinary dinners for your loved ones with Publix offers. Please explore Publix Weekly Ad Deals Jan 17 – 23 2019 to decide what to buy this week as grocery shopping. Organic vegetables, breakfast needs, wine selections, meal kits are waiting for you.

Do you have party plans? How about serving little smokies or Margaritaville appetizers? Also check out Mama Lucia meatballs and seafood appetizers which are great as part dishes. Dinner ideas are another topic of this ad. Get the inspiration of what to buy as dinner for your company via Publix offers. There is good alternatives of seafood, pork, meat and chicken choices.

When it comes to healthy nutrition, Publix organic vegetables and vegan choices are good idea to consume. For example organic Asparagus always goes great with fresh cooked meat. As fruits, you can find apples, oranges, grapes, nectarines, pears and many more options.

Check page 8 to see the offers for lunch, snack or dinner. Sandwiches, chicken wings, chips, salads and cheese varieties are available. Sometimes it’s ok to give some chance to carbs so consider buying some delicious muffins, Italian bread, cakes and buns. All these delicious choices can be found on page 9.

Spot the savings wherever you look

Don’t miss buy 1 get 1 offers on page 10 to complete your weekly grocery shopping. Cereal, coffee, canned vegetables, healthy juices etc. are available. Also you can see more BOGO deals on page 11.

Another saving chance is on health and beauty items like shampoo, body wash and lotions. In addition there are household items with high quality and low prices.

Take a look at baby products, batteries and disinfecting sprays on page 15. Always plan your shopping and save in style.

Here are some picks from the ad: