Publix Ad BOGOs Mar 18 – 24, 2020

Publix Ad BOGOs Mar 18 - 24, 2020Kellogg’s special K is the nutrition everybody needs in the mornings. No matter how old you are, you will need some fiber-rich food for a healthier daily life and a stronger body. Shift your diet balance towards protein, vitamin-rich, probiotic-rich foods in order to feel better. Kellogg’s Special K cereals will be one of the BOGO Free deals on the ad. Find more in the Publix ad BOGOs Mar 18 – 24 sale. You have gluten-free pasta, sauce, cooking spray, and more products for Easter cooking or baking. Delicious pantry products including Pompaian imported olive oil is also one of the BOGO savings. Save up to $5.43 on the olive oil on pg 10. Subscribe to Publix Weekly Ad get similar deals.

As the weather gets better and summer is coming, you might feel really hot. I have a non-alcoholic cocktail for you. If you don’t like sugar very much but you still like a bit sweet drinks with some ice here is a recipe for a nice cocktail:

  • Mix apple juice and ice tea and fill just half may be less than half of your glass.
  • Add cinnamon roll in it.
  • Add some mint leaves
  • And fill it as many pieces of ice as you can and ad water.

You can buy juice and ice tea at Publix. You can surely buy water, too. However, buying small bottles or plastic bottles of water is both bad for environment and it’s costly. Try to use filters or buy your water in bulky containers. Fiji Natural Artesian water 6-pk is a BOGO Free deal, too. Save up to $5.99 on that product.

Publix Ad BOGOs Mar 18 – 24 breakfast and pantry:

Snacks and beverage:

Ice cream, Greek yogurt, and more :

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