Publix BOGO Free Sale Weekly Ad Aug 15 – 21, 2019

Publix BOGO Free Sale Weekly Ad Aug 15 21 2019The valid dates may be Aug 14 – 20 for some. Publix BOGO sale is again in the latest weekly ad. TV dinners, sauce variety, beverage packs, pasta, snacks are more stocks are the items to shop in this Publix BOGO category. Ritz, Lay’s chips, Doritos Tortilla chips, Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse bread are the examples. Pepperidge Farm is a very old brand. The company was built in 1937. The story begins with Margaret Rudkin’s youngest son’s allergy against conventional bread. She had to bake bread for her son. Because she was trying to make something healthier than regular, it became a tasty food from a high-quality brand. Whole wheat bread is still healthy a product. Most stores that offer healthy foods would sell wholesome bread types. The reason they are healthy is about GI value. Whole products contain fibers which encapsulate the carbs. If you eat them your gut will digest them for a longer time and it’s a longer-time energy source for your body. The human body stores the glycogen turning it into fat if it doesn’t need the energy at the time. But fiber keeps the carbs protected from digestion and it’s slowly digested so that carbs will be only used as glycogen for a longer time.

However, let’s suppose you have drunk a can of sugary coke and eaten 2 slices of pizza made of conventional dough. These are delicious but unhealthy carbs. Your body will probably digest them in a short time and your blood will be full of glycogen that is unnecessary for that short time. What your body will do with that energy source is to store it as fat. Publix Weekly Ads can be useful in finding such products, too.

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