Publix BOGO Sale Apr 15 – 21, 2020

Publix BOGO Sale Apr 15 - 21, 2020Snacks; you need to have a lot of them at home nowadays. Believe me, if you have just enough snacks at home and you don’t care enough about gaining 5-10 pounds a month, it’s heaven. Eat much as you can and live like there is no tomorrow. It’s the best thing in life. No worries, I will just do that temporarily. Yoghurt flavoured with sugar and fruits is my favorite snack of all. It’s healthier than most, too. And it’s always delicious. Banana, strawberry, lemon, or other fruits go perfectly with yogurt. Some might not see yoghurt as a snack, but to me, everything outside of my main meal is a snack. Some snacks are just as delicious and not as fatty as potato chips. For example; peanuts are great. Publix BOGO Sale Apr 15 – 21 covers planters peanuts BOGO free deal on pg 13. Crackers, popcorn, grahams, light beer, and more snack or beverage products are also available there. To see these products, click on the image of Publix Ad.

When you are stressed, cooking is not as much fun. I hate cooking or cleaning when I have something in my mind. I need to feel like I have enough free time to spare some bulky time for anything. So if you have lots of those times, you might like easy meals and ice cream because they are easy to prepare obviously. View all items of Publix Weekly Ad:

Snacks and beverage:

Pantry and easy meals:

Apparently, there are fewer BOGOs this week. But you can find more in pet products and household items on pg 16, baby care on pg 17, and healthy snacks on pg 19. The last two pages of Publix BOGO Sale Apr 15 – 21, 2020 also contain mostly BOGOs.

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