Publix BOGOs Weekly Ad List Oct 2 – 8, 2019

Publix BOGOs Weekly Ad List Oct 2 8 2019If you want the premium quality to fill up your pantry, Publix is one of the best stores when you live in Florida or nearby states. A wide range of pantry products or grocery items is available as BOGO deals in Publix weekly ad this week. Publix BOGOs are snacks, breakfast foods, juice blends, sports drinks, canned goods, chips, crackers, candies, quick meals, etc. I can’t believe it’s not butter! is a BOGO Free item and you can save up to $3.67.
Being on a diet can be really tricky especially when you are working. Salad is a great option because you can create different options to eat for lunch or dinner. Make it with chicken, fish, cheese, garlic, and use some dressing for it to taste better. Olive oil is suggested as the healthiest oil for anything. Use it for making dinner, frying eggs, baking cakes, making pizza, and any other oil requiring recipes. Sometimes butter is a better idea but mostly concerned people involve olive oil in the first steps of their recipes. Olive garden seasoned croutons is a $1.89 saving this week with a BOGO Free deal.

Check out these items from the Publix BOGOs:

Snacks and beverage:

Frozen Food, Dairy, and More:

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  1. Erlene Hudgins says:

    This is the worst add from Publix that I have ever seen!!

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