Publix Sneak Peek Deals Jun 3 – 9, 2020

Publix Sneak Peek Deals Jun 3 - 9, 2020Publix has only the best foods on the first page this week. The kind of food you are unsure to eat but resisting it is really hard. It’s the food that will tempt you once again but you’ll think about your body shape after you eat it so you’ll probably skip. But not after you see the look of that top sirloin steak at Publix. That juicy, thick, tender steak will make you hungry even after lunch. You have been looking for that kind of food for a week now. If that’s the case, I recommend you to buy that nice steak and fire up the grill. Boneless top sirloin steak is only $6.49 lb. Amidst the troubles our country is going through, I think everybody can relax in the evening after a long day. Publix Sneak Peek Deals Jun 3 – 9 are ready for browsing and the deals will be valid tomorrow.

If you are looking for new tastes, read the recipe of donut chicken sandwiches on pg 2. The same page is a place to find those yummy patisserie foods like donut, chicken tenders, etc. They have the best kind of deli at Publix supermarket. Check out meat and seafood, fresh produce, and more deals:

Publix Bakery and Deli

Deli products of Publix are the most popular things to find in the ad. All love their delicious cakes, donuts, cheese, and chicken. Publix subs are frequently appearing in these ads with updated prices, too. Publix Deli Mojo oven roasted chicken is only $6.39.

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