Publix Weekly Ad Aug 31 – Sep 6 2016

Inside this new Publix Ad Aug 31 – Sep 6 2016 Labor Day savings and Labor Day Grilling can be read. With this new deal of Publix Ad you can reach BOGO Free deli tea, sweet corn, on pg 1. Three-pepper steak is the new recipe by Publix available on pg 3. Read this new recipe to cook delicious steak for dinner.Publix Weekly Ad Aug 31 - Sep 6 2016

Labor Day Grilling is another nice sale on pg 4. Awesome salmon fillets, shrimp platter, NY strip steak and tanner crab clusters can be found on this sale.

Salmon fillets $8.99
Chicken sausage $6.99
Tanner Crab clusters $9.99 lb.
Extra Large White Shrimp $9.99 lb.
Publix Chicken wings $2.69 lb.

BOGO Free Deals of Meat and grilling savings go on with pg 5 of Publix Ad. Organic Fruits, seasonal fresh food and many more are also featured within this content of Publix Ad.

Potato Inpirations potatoes BOGO Free
Broccoli 2/$3
Publix Greenwise organic salads 2/$6
Bell Peppers $2.99 lb.
Fresh attitude salads 2/$4

More of these can be found ong pg 7. Bakery range of Publix is available on pg 9. Don’t get lost in bakery because no one can say it’s healthy to do it. BOGOs of sauce, packaged food and cereals are featured on pg 10.

Kraft Dressing BOGO Free
Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail or blend BOGO FREE
Heinz Tomato ketchup BOGO FREE
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise BOGO Free
Mueller’s Pasta BOGO Free
Gatorade Thirst Quencher $.88

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