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Publix Weekly Ad Deals February 21 - 27, 2018 | Italian Food

Publix Weekly Ad Deals February 21 27 2018Publix promotes a new selection from Italian cuisine. Olive oil is one of the most popular elements of this cuisine. Visit the cover page of this preview for the new extra virgin olive oil deal. Italian five grain bread, Pompeian olive oil, Publix premium mussels are a fine list from the good deals.

4 items are BOGO sales on that page. Mussels, Progresso soup and Swanson broth or stock, Pompeian olive oil will be BOGO Free deals this week. Viva Italia! Italian bread, Fresh express salad, Ken's Steak house dressing, Ragu pasta sauce, and many more pantry products to make a decent Italian food can be browsed on second page of this ad.

Read the recipe for steaks and gnocchi which is a great meal for tonight! Visit pg 3 to see that recipe. Slow-cooked meals are better than a fast progress. Check out a new offer by Publix on pg 4. There, you can find white shrimp, lean ground beef, Publix shredded cheese, Salmon fillets, Vita cold smoked salmon and more.

Check this list for good BOGO Free deals:

Further details about the deals inside this ad can be found in the preview. Subscribe to Publix Weekly Ad for the future posts and more news.

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