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Publix Weekly Ad Holiday Sale Dec 13 - 19, 2018

Publix Weekly Ad Holiday Sale Dec 13 19 2018

This ad heavily promotes holiday products like ham and fine wine selection. Even on the first page of the ad, great deals on traditional Greek salad and premium spiral-sliced ham appear to be one of the focus food products. Southern Style velvet cake is a fine example of this elegant selection of food and it will cost only $19.99 at Publix. Party food is another side of the subject. Check out crab cake, eggstirs, honey gold potatoes and more products on pg 3 where three different recipes, that will use those items, are available. 

Medium white shrimp, salmon fish, whole beef tenderloin, Pepperidge Farm puff pastry shells, and more items are featured items of the seasonal festive food products on pg 6. One of my favorites is standing rib roast on pg 7. You can also find side dishes on the same page. 

Fresh produce sale of Publix is also interesting and one of the best parts of the ad. Sweet potatoes, baby cut carrots and more products are on sale there. You have great deals on apples, cranberries, orange, and seedless grapes. BOGO Free bakery apple coffee cake this week. 

Festive food, meat and more: 

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