Publix Ad Preview 1/29 Food Products 2015

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Top quality of the food products advertised by Publix Ad Preview 1/29 are for you here.

They optimized the prices for the quality of foods that are available within the new original food range of the supermarket.

Publix deals with bringing the best service providing as largest product range as it gets.
With these catalogues then you are able to find lowest prices served by the professional squad that could be existing only at a specially operated place like Publix.
Also Publix Ad is a good guide for those looking for the good things for weekly shopping every time.
It is a regular thing but it feels like you are shopping at first at everytime.


Great deals of snacks and drink varieties like soft drinks, beverage, tea and so on are featured by the deal.
Savings with these products seem to be small but it saves you from spending a big amount.

  • Pepsi products of 12 packs, $10
  • Lay's potato chips, $4.29
  • Publix tea, $1.79 (Buy 1 get 1)
  • Stacy's pita chips or crips, 2 for $5
  • Lay's Kettle cooked potato chips, 2 for $5


Steak, sides, roasts and wings seem to be new deals from Publix on pg; 5 which is the main page for the meat products.
Chicken is also available within this section.

  • Top round London broil, $5.49 lb.
  • Hormel Sides, $5.00 for 2.
  • Publix chicken wings, $2.69 lb.
  • Oscar Mayer Zip Pack shaved cold cuts, buy 1 get 1 free.
  • Boston butt roast, $2.99 lb.


Fresh food offers including apples, oranges and seasonal products are also among what you can see from Publix ad of this week.
Find out a really nice range of the Publix with this new saving.

  • Red Seedless grapes, $2.99 lb.
  • Tree-ripened nectarines, $2.99 lb.
  • Bantry bay mussels, $5.99
  • Tropicana pure premium 100% orange juice, 3 for $10.00

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