Ralphs Weekly Ad Aug 12 - 18, 2020

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Have a look at the latest deals of Ralphs Weekly Ad before you shop groceries this week. New fresh deals and mix and match sale can be interesting enough to change your decisions about what to buy. Buy 5 or more to save $1 on each product you buy. It's a Buy 5 Save 5 sale. Ralphs has also a back to school sale. Some deals on lunch foods, beverage, and breakfast products that will make your school mornings easier. Ralphs school products such as a binder, crayons, school supplies, and more can be viewed on pg 4-5. This ad has also an extended section of the back to school sale on pg 7.

Teachers can get a 10% off extra discount on school, home, apparel, and more categories at Ralphs stores.

Ralphs Mix and Match Sale

Some nice products that are the essentials of a week are mix and match deals on Ralphs Ad. You can browse Barilla pasta, Bai multipack drinks, Mott's 100% apple juice, Perdue Short Cuts, and more products in the ad are cheaper when you buy 5.