Save a Lot Weekly Ad Sale May 3 - 16, 2023

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Time to stock the fridge and the cupboard! Save a Lots Weekly Ad Sale from May 3 16, 2023 providing savvy shoppers with generous offers and pricing on essential daily staples from fresh meats to farm-picked produce and household staples. So why wait? Come join us in savings starting this week! Get all your groceries for cheaper and just in time for summer BBQ shopping. Whether you prefer it crispy or soft, Save A Lot has all the discounts when it comes to fresh meat, produce and more! Save a lot now, thank yourself later...

Save a Lot takes care of your meat cravings with their Family Pack of Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast at only $1.99 per lb perfect for prepping nutritious meal boxes and whipping up fast dinners in no time. Craving something more robust and flavorful? For grilling season, consider the Fresh Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steaks priced at $6.99 per lb and delightfully stock-saving. Plus, cost efficiency, flavor versatility, and freshness are guaranteedthe deals really cant get any better.

Do you crave a comforting dish? Look no further! The Maruchan Souper 6-Pack Ramen Noodle Sack Soup has got you covered with delectable and pocket-friendly options. For only $1.99 a pack, you can have six bowls of prepackaged meal goodness. Now that's what we call a quick and tasty dinner option!