Slap Chop Review

Slap Chop is probably one of the most convenient products to have a place in your kitchen inventory. I don’t know if this product has replicas manufactured by other brands or similar ones exist but I know one thing; you might it very useful once you see how it works. As the name suggests you just slap the top of it and your vegetable will instantly be chopped. Very convenient, no chargers, no electricity. It is especially handy to chop some garlic or onions. Stainless steel blades of Slap Chop are made of the highest quality material. You can use it putting your vegetables like onions, mushrooms, potatoes, garlic, etc on the table or you can use the cover. Buy it on Amazon. 

Put your vegetables on the table:

Slap Chop Review Amazon

Cleaning Slap Chop

You can easily remove the base and open the cup to clean it. Since it’s not an electronic device, there is no harm to talk about. Just be careful with the blades. They might be sharp enough to cut your hands. The product is perfectly safe to use in any kids of the kitchen.

And clean your Slap Chop opening it like this:

You can also use this product for your Christmas desserts. When you want to add some nuts or walnuts on top of your cakes or pies, it’s not one of the easiest things to do with Slap Chop. The negative side of this product might be hard surfaces. For example, trying to chop apples may be a problem. The thing is that stuff can get stuck between the blades as some reviews on Amazon suggest. However, none of the top reviews have images or videos. And some people complain about cleaning. Eventually, choice is yours. Consider this an alternative to chopping your food by hand.

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