Sony SRS-XB10 Review 2017

Sony's SRS-XB10 Bluetooth speaker is a portable, compact and well-liked model for those looking for a good bass speaker. Particularly mobile users can easily use this mobile speaker and intensive bass-like users may prefer. Yes, Sony has done this a little while ago. Sony sent the Extra Bass product family's XB3 and XB7 wireless speakers to us for review, and this time it brought us a new product line.

Sony SRS-XB10 Review 2017

Sony's Extra Bass range of products is notable for its extraordinary bass and wireless operating principle. Thus, these loudspeakers, which can be used easily in mobile environments, allow you to carry around wherever you like. There are rich options about colour. The speaker, which owns colours like red, yellow, green, blue and white, is available at different prices according to the colour.

Let's continue to talk about the design of the speaker: The surface is very nice; Here, a hard but smooth plastic material is used which makes handling easier. It is also protected against water. But not waterproof, waterproof. This is important because you do not have to take it and dive into the sea. However, if water splashes on the edge of the sea or the pool, you will not experience any trouble. The XB10 has a carrying strap over it. So you can wear it on your bicycle or your bag, you can take music with you. We also evaluated it on the long coastal walks we made while using the XB10. The speakerphone is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, so you do not need a phone when using it. There are play/pause keys, volume control buttons on it. If you press the Play key twice, you can go to the next song.

Offering up to 16 hours of battery life, the device is fast-paced, and the music pauses for a short time. However, there may be a negative criticism of battery life: I wish I could report that the battery life is getting low while listening to music.

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