Sprouts Ad Oct 7 - 14, 2020

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Berries are on sale at Sprouts this week. Make some cake with the berry toppings. And it will look delicious with Berry on Top. Annie's Homegrown Essentials and more products are either BOGO deals or they are on sale. You must be familiar with the healthy food selection of all Sprouts Ads if you are a regular shopper and reader of these ads. Think of something easy for dinner. Easy and healthy. If you care about how much protein you take, you need some chicken. Grilled is the best but not always possible to make. So, try your fry pan this week. Butcher Shop boneless skinless chicken breast will cost only $2.47/lb. at Sprouts supermarket. Sprouts Weekly Ad Oct 7 - 14 deals:

Sprouts Weekly Ad Oct 7 - 14 Oct Grocery Sale

Yogurt deals, cereals, sparkling water, olive oil, and more items are in the grocery section of the new Sprouts Ad. Browse them to see the new prices. Sprouts extra virgin olive oil is only $7.99 ea this week.

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