Target Ad Holmes Oscillating Stand Review

Target Ad Holmes Oscillating Stand is $27.00. Currently only preview of this ad is available. Holmes Oscillating Stand Target Ad Jul 10

The need for ventilation has brought into light various techniques that were unknown years ago. The Holmes whole-room fan is one such beauty that provides maximum air circulation and makes us forget about electricity or space problems. This device has a sleek and sophisticated body that can fit into any corner of a room. It is most useful on those warm, sultry days when one does not want to do any work other than sit back and relax, enjoying the cool breeze originating from the Holmes tower fan.

Weighing just around 4 kilograms, this fan can be easily moved around in the house as per convenience using the top handle that is very easy to hold. Its height of about 31 inches ensures that adequate air will be blown at a sitting level. It has a metallic outer finish that helps in blending with most of the home decors.

The primary benefit of this tower fan is the difference it bears from the stand fans. Being sleek and vertically equally distributed, it fits easily in places where a normal stand fan would be difficult to accommodate. It has 3 speed settings – low, medium and high. It also has an oscillation mode that rotates the tower to 180 degrees to provide the highest level of comfort even in the largest of rooms.

The control panel for the speed and oscillation setting is set on the top of the tower for convenience and style.

The Holmes whole room tower fan has been tested to utilize 60% lower electricity than a normal stand fan. The entire deal comes with a 3 – year warranty that, on account of the superb features, is bound to be of not much use as the construction is made such that every feature defines perfection.