Target Weekly Ad Aug 2 - 8, 2020

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Target offers Cat & Jack clothing for kids. New sale is an offer of t-shirts, polos, leggings for only $5 on the Target Ad Aug 2 - 8. The first page of the ad covers that. Save more with Target Circle. Get 1% earnings, birthday gift, hundreds of deals with Target Circle. Recently, it's very easy to come across with a Target circle offers. In the Target Weekly Ad Aug 2 - 8 t-shirts, dresses, and more school outfits are pretty much the big deals of the first 5 pages. Also, I am sure you will need some of those stationery items, backpacks, lunch packs, and other solutions to the problems of daily life at school in the ad.

Target School Essentials, Lunch, and Free Gift Card

See some school supplies that are the basics of daily life at school. A pencil case, notebook, a backpack, calculator and all the other things a student would need. Target prepared a school list assist, too. Get what you need at a single shot. Go to and take the help from Target. They'll find the needs for you, deliver them for you, and everything will be so much easier.

Get a free $15 Target Gift Card when you purchase $50-worth household essentials starting on Aug 2. Facial tissue, backpacks, and more are also available in this part of the ad. Check out more school products and backpacks:

See licensed backpacks like Marvel's, Super Mario, Harry Potter, and more on pg 9. Target has also toy sale, electronics, Apple deals, activewear, home sale, and more this week. Don't miss out on these awesome deals.

Target Ad Aug 2 - 8 Clothing Sale

Casual products, sportswear, and denim for any occasion. Jeans for teens will cost only $15 at Target. Find fit cut jeans on pg 17. Underwear is also an important section you might wanna see because it offers a free $5 gift card when you buy any three. Also, check out women's bras that will be BOGO 50% off starting on August 2.

Home Sale, Products for your Room

If you are going to a college in another city or a place where you should stay in a dorm or something like that, simple products may help you to sleep more comfortably, feel cosy, and study better. Check out some products for a home or a room on this Target Ad Aug 2 - 8. Only for $10, you can find high-quality blankets. Sheets, pillows, and more essentials of a bedroom are also available in this part.

See some home products in Target home sale:

Earn Cash Back with iBotta at Target

Did you know that you can earn cash back with ibotta at Target? The only thing you need to do is to login your Target account, save your credit card there, use the ibotta app to link your Target account. Then you'll start to earn cashback for eligible purchases.