Target Weekly Ad Jul 12 - 18, 2020

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Schools are not opened yet. Maybe some places have opened schools but not all of them. Most students are currently taking their classes online. But still, there are certain needs for studying at home. Basics like Crayolas, markers, backpacks, and more products. In fact, there is nothing changed regarding the products you should buy when you want to shop for school. Eventually, you will need these items. However, department stores like Target have nice deals on them since there might be a decrease in demand. Target Weekly Ad Jul 12 - 18 has them, too. Check out some of the deals. When you click on the products, you'll be redirected to the official page of the ad. If you buy the product, we may earn a little commission.

Pencils, markers, and more products:

Target Ad Clothing Sale This Week

These deals will start to be valid on Sunday. You'll have t-shirts, shorts, summer dress deals, activewear, and more products from the apparel category of the Target weekly ad. View Target Circle deals, too. 15% off all Jocket Generation for men, women & kids. Shop the basics at Target stores next week.

Target Ad Jul 12 - 18 Home Sale

Browse bedroom products, quilt cover, and bathroom curtain on the home category of the new Target weekly ad. Simple products that are the essentials of a bedroom are going to be on sale this week. Use Target curbside pickup service to buy what you need quickly and safely.

Target Storage and Laundry Room Sale

Also, shop some important products for your laundry. Iron, laundry basket for carrying, and minimalist storage ideas for your wardrobe. Basics like hangers will cost only $2 at Target stores next week. If you need something from this range, visit pg 10 for Target laundry care sale.

Modern Kitchen Appliances from Target Weekly Ad Jul 12 - 18

Browse Target Ad 7/12 - 7/18 for the best offers of the kitchen appliances. When Target has a kitchen scale, they have the best products of their category in these ads. Coffee makers, stand mixer, mini-fridge, and shining steel appliances for your kitchen. These are not only versatile tools, but they are also great products that will make your kitchen look much better than regular their sight.

Ninja and more appliances:

Also, shop 25% off Home products here at Target.