Target Weekly Ad Sep 13 - 19, 2020

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New Target circular sale was published a little bit later than previous weeks. Normally, they would publish the digital ad on Friday. The new Target Ad Sep 13 - 19 has got some safety in-car seats for kids. You can save 20% off with the coupon when you recycle your old seat. Buy Safety 1st grow and go 3-in-1 convertible car seat for only $139.99 and save $40 at Target. The deal can be seen on the first page of the Target Weekly Ad Sep 13 - 19.  This trade-in event is useful if you had thoughts of replacing your existing car seat. Target flyer is mostly concentrated on baby products. Daily life as a new parent can be challenging and it can get costly, too. Seek ways to save on essential products at this store this week:

Clothing products are also on sale. Keeping your kid comfortable will make them less whiny and it'll give you more time for peace. A little research on an ad like Target Weekly Ad Sep 13 - 19 might be really helpful because they got these deals:

Tees from $5, leggings from $7 and so much more. Valid 09/13 - 10/03.

Not only clothing for babies are available on the ad. They have casual products for teenagers, too. Personal care, $5 Target coupon, DVD movies, watches, Star Wars, and more categories are also in the ad. Don't forget to see Target weekly ad preview today.

Target Apple Watch Series 6

Target official website promotes the new Apple Watch Series 6. They have Nike series, too. The new design looks really lit. It's exactly what would a sports person wear. The price is not expensive either. Target sells Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS for $429.99. Kids can like them, too. Halloween and Black Friday sales are on their way. September, October, and November might be the best times to buy something you wanted to buy for a long time. There is a great chance they'll be on sale. Target Weekly Ad Sep 13 - 19 has some deals on casual clothing for teens.

Target Personal Care Products - Shampoo, Deodorant, Dental Care

The latest Target Ad was not only for clothing deals. A major part of the ad focuses on the regular supermarket items like shampoos and toothpaste. Buy some of them only under $5 this week. Here are some of the great deals by Target Weekly Ad Sep 13 - 19: