Vons Weekly Ad Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2020

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The new Vons Ad offers a $5 discount on some products. The prices will be effective on Friday, which is Black Friday, Nov 27. Before you browse the ad, you might want to see Vons Thanksgiving Ad, too since it contains the most deals that are made for the preps. This ad is also a promotion of holiday deals. Most of these products are multiple-buy deals. In the holiday range, you have half-price deals. Assorted trim a tree or holiday lights is one of them. Find the deal on the second page. Vons Weekly Ad Nov 27 - Dec 1 contains mostly regular groceries. But it also promotes a gift card deal. Buy $150 or more in participating gift cards and get $25 on your next shopping trip. That deal is effective until 12/15/20.

Vons Weekly Ad Nov 27 - Dec 1 Holiday Essentials

Shop some half-price deals this week in the holiday range of Vons Ad. View the latest deals on products like M&M's, Holiday gift wrap, stuffer toys, etc.