Walgreens Ad Apr 19 2016

Check out prices of pharmacy, beverage, snacks and household items in cover page of the Walgreens Ad Apr 19 2016.

Walgreens Ad Apr 19 2016

Snacks of the ad can be seen on pg 2 where you may observe some of the coupons for pink salmon, Campbell's soup, pure syrup or honey and more products. Walgreens is also offering household products of Duracell, Ziploc, and many chemical cleaning products. Coupons and card deals for Ajax, facial tissue and aluminium foil are available on pg 3.

WALGREENS MIX- MATCH SALE is about the cosmetics and health products of Dove, Pantene and B1G1 50% off sale for the top brands are available on pg 4. Find out the prices of these products to get healthier skin and protect it against sunlight. VITAMINS, pills, minerals and other supplements are all available in the Walgreens pharmacy section of this ad. Walgreens pharmacy deals are focused on the essentials like baby nappies, feminine care, razors and personal care items.

More pharmacy products can be browsed on pg 6. There are Bayer's pain relief, Aleve liquid gels, Tylenol pain reliever that has been recommended by doctors as number one and more brands. You can earn bonus points by shopping at Walgreens pharmacy on this ad.

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