Walgreens Weekly Ad Aug 16 - 22, 2020

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Get free flu shots at Walgreens and browse the latest Walgreens Ad for new deals. They have the deals of the week in the first part of the weekly ad. Prices of some snacks and household products are viewable today. This is a preview of all deals that are valid on Aug 16 - 22. One of the good deals from the first section where you can find the deals of the week is the Nivea Body Wash that will cost only 2/$7. Check out more deals like BOGOs on the same page. Vitamins of some brands are also BOGOs. If you are a teacher, check out the teacher program of WE which Walgreens contributes. School glue and Elmer's, Wexford, Sharpie, and more products are available.

WE Teachers Program and school products:

Walgreens Points, Beauty, and Household Products

10x everyday points when you spend $20 or more at Walgreens. See the deals on some snacks and household supplies including personal care items on pg 4. Voltaren, Scott Paper Towel, Tide Laundry Detergent, and more products of the similar categories are available on the same page.

Walgreens Ad Aug 12 - 18 has these:

Walgreens Grocery and Snack Sale

Buy some food at Walgreens stores this week. You can easily make a shopping list with the Walgreens Ad. To have a look at the new products of the aisles of the grocery, you should see pg 6-7. Coffee, cold tea, chips, tic tac, kit kat, and more snacks with funny names. Walgreens will sell Pringles with a $1 off coupon. Buy 4 for only $5.

Walgreens Deals on Household Products

Chemicals, paper towels, and cleaning supplies are on sale. Premium deals are available in this ad. You should have a look at the new price range for the top brands and popular products of them. Bounty, Charmin, Gain, Scott, and more products are in the category.

Walgreens Back To School Sale

If you are a teacher, you can get a $500 award that's called WE Teachers Award. Walgreens is supporting the WE Teachers Program. New deals for schools are available in the ad. You can buy some backpacks for only $5. Wexford basic backpack is only $5 on Walgreens Weekly Ad.

Walgreens Beauty Products

Buy a new fragrance bottle this week at Walgreens. The preview of the deal of $10 off fragrances is one of the things you should see on pg 14. Designer fragrances like Dolce & Gabbana are there. Find hair colors on the same page. You can have a look at the coupon savings, shampoos, hair care products, and more products in this section of the new Walgreens Ad.

Personal Care Sale

The usual stuff you keep in your bathroom cabinet. Oral care products of Listerine, some shaving gels, and toothpaste, disposable razors, and similar products. This group of items with the special coupons can be viewed on pg 16-17.

Vitamins, Supplements, Medicines and other Pharmacy Deals by Walgreens Weekly Ad

Check out this ad for more deals. There is an online exclusive deal 20% off sitewide. The code "SAVE" will do the trick when you shop online at Walgreens. Check out some online coupons on feminine care items on pg 18. Vitamins are always on sale. But there might be the one you need. This ad has some of your needs in the health care section:

The details of these deals can be read on the weekly ad.