Walgreens Weekly Ad Jul 26 - Aug 1, 2020

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Summer is here. It's not the best summer ever but you can still enjoy it when you are alone. If you like to get a tan under the sun on a nice summer day, you might need some sun protection products. Walgreens will offer a BOGO 50% off mix & match sun protection items. Deals of the week like household products may also be interesting and worthy of being in your shopping list since the store offers some coupon savings and register rewards on them. Tide, Downy, Scott, Kellogg's, Crest, and more items are coupon savings or rewarded purchases. Check out some coupons and deals of Walgreens Weekly Ad Sale Jul 26 - Aug 1.

Breakfast and Snack Sale - Walgreens Weekly Ad Sale Jul 26 - Aug 1

Grocery products are also an important part of the new sale. Vitamins, water, and more coupons have been promoted here. The deals of Walgreens Weekly Ad Jul 26 - Aug 1 can be really interesting if you want to buy some snacks on Sunday. Snickers, M&M's, Blue Diamond, Dasani Water, and more are all in. Don't forget to see these items. Shop breakfast products on pg 5. Walgreens Weekly Ad Sale Jul 26 is a good source of deals. If you are working as a teacher, you can use some deals with WE Teachers Program. Get a 20% off discount on regular price items. Back to school sale is available on pg 9. Get $50 when you get a new Apple Card and spend $50 at Walgreens next week. Subscribe to Walgreens Ad for more like-class deals.