Walmart Ad Christmas Decoration Ideas

Hello from Walmart product review page. Today i’m gonna review Walmart ad christmas decoration offers from the latest ad. We have less than 7 weeks for christmas so it’s time to search for gifts, christmas trees and decorations already. Walmart is offering both gift ideas and christmas trees and decorations for your home.

walmart ad christmas

Here are christmas trees and tree decorations, fancy products to make you celebrate the most fantastic christmas.

This week there are 4 kinds of christmas tree offers but of course there will be a lot more next week and later so keep following Walmart ad christmas section.

Holiday Time 7.5′ Pre-Lit Kennedy Fir Artificial Christmas Tree $99 each
Holiday Time 7′ Pre-Lit Brinkley Pine Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree $69 each
Holiday Time 6.5′ Pre-Lit Madison Pine Artificial Christmas Tree $39 each
Holiday Time 4′ Pre-Lit Indiana Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree $25 each

If you are gonna put the christmas tree in your living room and you have a large space, the bigger ones would be ideal. If your place is kind of small, consider buying small trees. All of them will be useful for a fancy decoration.

Please check out ornaments also.
Shatterproof Ornaments $8.98 each pack
Glitter Shatterproof Ornaments $3.48 each pack

At Walmart ad christmas section there is a christmas tree and decorative objects for every budget.

Keep following our ads for more shopping and gift ideas and decoration fro christmas.

Have a nice week!